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Brief under the sea by Proximity & Sup de Pub

By Proximity Paris

Brief under the sea by Proximity & Sup de Pub

Sup de Pub school organizes with Proximity Paris and Proximity London the second edition of the "Brief Sous La Mer" with a principle once again original : briefed on the same brief by the two agencies in their premises, students in section creation at Sup de Pub Paris and Sup de Pub London have time for a trip by Eurostar to design a campaign and present it to the agency on the other side of the Channel. London students present at the parisian agency, and vice versa.


This year, London students were briefed by Josh Dixon, Senior Planner and those in Paris by Loïc Mercier, Director of Strategies. A real brief, on a real problem, and works presented to the founders of The Ocean Agency, created by Richard Vevers, former advertiser passed by the largest London agencies including Proximity.


The brief aims to raise the awareness of the entire world about a dramatic phenomenon highlighted by the multi-award-winning documentary created in association with Netflix "Chasing Coral". Coral reefs, fundamental in the underwater ecosystem for fish, but also essential for humans as they create natural barriers to tsunami or are sources of new discoveries in cancer or Alzheimer's research, are dying. The gradual warming of the sea causes death of the corals, which then lose their fascinating colors to reveal only the whiteness of their skeleton, because corals are animals.


Charge students to find in just a few hours a campaign able to sensitize the media and the great majority to put pressure on the decision makers able to act on the global warming.


London students will present in Paris in front of Richard Vevers, and French students in front of Josh Dixon and Rowenna Trevellyan, both members of The Ocean Agency in London.