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New budget for Proximity Paris wins the omni-channel platform of the Comité Régional du Tourisme of Île-de-France

By Proximity Paris

Paris, March 21

The Comité Régional du Tourisme of Île-de-France (CRT), world’s first destination, is an organization associated with the region whose mission is to observe, organize and promote tourism at a national and international level.


The CRT has chosen Proximity Paris to bring its expertise in digital marketing, e-commerce and cross-channel, thanks to its 360 ° vision.


The agency will manage the strategic and operational management of an ambitious omni-channel platform. The aim is to offer to visitors of Paris and its region a qualitative phygital  experience, before, during and after their trip, thanks to the Paris Region Pass, the spearhead of a strategy focused on the knowledge of the user journey.


Proximity Paris will be in charge for 4 years of the design, implementation and media coverage of this platform, as well as the data and acquisition strategy, for 4 years.