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Campaign “Mister Tuto” 2019 : The great comeback of Saint Maclou on television

By Proximity Paris

Boulogne, February 18

Forget everything you thought knew about Saint Maclou. The brand has been operating for 5 years a silent revolution that it reveals in communication to all the French in its new campaign “Mister Tuto”, which will start on February 17 in prime time on TF1. A 45s film then 20s formats on TV, cinema and on the web that highlight the efforts made by the brand. On products first, with of course the traditional carpets and rugs, but especially with an offer now structured around the floor (parquet, vinyl, laminated flooring), walls (paint, wallpaper) and windows (curtains & bespoke blinds).
Then, on services, thanks to the promotion of the 400 salaried installers of Saint Maclou who allow the brand, from product to pose, to promise consumers “We do everything to make your home beautiful”.

“Trained by the companions of duty, Saint Maclou installers represent the strategic weapon of the brand to differentiate itself from DIY superstores, which often subcontract this important part in the final result” says Axel Cano, Saint Maclou’s CEO. A point of differentiation that allows to gradually position the brand as a service company able to help with lower cost, those who sometimes overestimate their skills in DIY, those who think they can do it but who will not, or not perfectly.

The pose is at the heart of the new campaign that marks the comeback of Saint Maclou on television for more than 25 years.

It shows a man so used to watch tutorials that he is in all situations, filled with confidence that will often lead to failure. He thinks he can help a woman giving birth in a plane, because “he saw a tuto”, he is certain of the success of his fireworks because “he saw a tuto”, he is convinced to master a cobra because “he saw a tuto”. A rhetoric that is repeated in situations always more incongruous before his wife, for the laying of a future floor, decides to appeal to common sense, calling on the installers of Saint Maclou.

Full of humor, the campaign was imagined by the agency of Saint Maclou, Proximity and its retail entity Buy Proximity. Under the creative direction of Matthieu Elkaïm and Benjamin Dessagne, it was directed by Bart Timmer, accustomed to comedies and staging subtle and offbeat. A campaign that finds its extension on the web with an original activation device called “I saw a tuto”.

“By reaffirming its strong points in this comedy, Saint Maclou also aims to return to the heads and hearts of the French” says Jérôme Deligne, Director of Communication of the brand. Ultimate patrimonial brand, it is now in battle order to win back market share by being able to help consumers from the beginning to the end of their project. Let it be said, the discreet Saint Maclou is well return to the conquest. All this, without ever looking at any tutorial.