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What is Sitecore?

By Marie Perchey – Technical consultant

What is Sitecore?

Sitecore is a CMS based on .NET, the Microsoft development framework.
CMS stands for Content Management System, a tool that enables webmasters to edit the content of a website without having to edit its code.

Without a CMS, any change on the website (even a single word or picture) would require the intervention of a developer to make the necessary code change.

With a CMS, all design and structure-related implementation is done by coding, but the content itself (text and images) can be changed directly in the back-office, a user-friendly interface where content can be changed without viewing or editing a single line of code.
Some other CMS that you might have heard of: Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Umbraco...

Some CMS, such as WordPress, are more suitable for simple websites, while others can be used for more complex and scalable applications. WordPress is the perfect fit for a corporate website but, when it comes to scaling to multiple countries, or implementing more advanced features such as couponing, Sitecore is more suitable.

L’Oréal, AccorHotel, Suzuki, Carrefour, Suez and Carglass are some of Sitecore clients.


Sitecore, a complete set of tools for content authoring and marketing

The basic feature of a CMS is to edit content: create new articles or product pages, change text or images... Of course, as Sitecore is a CMS, it offers these basic content authoring features. But, as it is also a Digital Experience Platform, it comes with a wide range of other, complementary tools.
It can address multiple digital problematics: content authoring experience, consumer experience and brand reporting and even CRM activities.

  • Experience editor
    Preview your page while you’re editing it with a user-friendly WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor
  • Marketing automation
    Orchestrate marketing activities based on consumer data
  • Emailing
    Trigger instant email or recurring campaigns with direct access to consumer behavior data
  • Personalization
    Tailor your content based on different parameters - consumer behavior, traffic sources...
  • A/B testing
    Test and learn directly within your CMS
  • Analytics
    Analyze all the data on your consumers and website, and create actionable dashboards
  • Launchpad
    Access all these features from a user-friendly interface




Sitecore Experience Editor


Sitecore Experience Editor