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Just Dance “The beat”

Ubisoft will release a new edition of Just Dance : Just Dance 2019.

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  • Challenge

    Show everyone that the Just Dance Franchise is one of the most fun and exciting dance experience you could have.

     THE AMBITION: Create a campaign driven by a single objective: give people an irresistible urge to dance.

     THE STRATEGY: Reminding each and every one of us that we were born with rhythm. Which is why we feel the urge to dance throughout our lives.

  • Solution

    With Just Dance’s latest spot we show dance in a new light. The brand reveals the true reason why we all love dancing.

    Why? Because we all have a beat inside: our heartbeat. We are all driven by this rhythm waiting to get out.

    Directed by Gary Freedman and produced by La Pac, this film truly celebrates the innate need to dance. Set to Britney Spears’ ”Work Work”, the spot starts with a couple in their 70’s and moves back through different dancers getting younger and younger, leading us to where it all starts: a baby not even born yet. As the beat of the music synchronizes with the baby’s heartbeat, the punchline appears: “It all starts with a beat”.

    Dancing is in our innate human nature. A message from Just Dance that will stay with us. A spot that makes us want to get up and Just Dance.

  • Results

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