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Twitter Bot

Proximity Paris

A luxury and iconic brand create the first hashtagbot monitoring to create maverick and ultra-personalized brand experience

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  • Challenge

    Each bottle of Krug has its own story. In 2011, using digital technology, Krug started a revolution to make a feature of the individuality of its Champagnes: the Krug iD. This six-digit number printed on every back label can be scanned with a smartphone to find out what is special about each of these bottles, some of which take over 20 years to be created.

    In 2016, Krug and Proximity wanted to take a second major digital step with the same objective, which the House holds so dear: to reveal what makes its Champagnes special.

  • Solution

    The principle is simple: when someone tweets a Krug iD, they receive an immediate response in the form of one of 800 specially tailored humorous replies which encapsulate the true spirit of this historic and iconoclastic luxury house, which also has its finger on the pulse of popular culture.

     “This blend’s oldest wine is the same age as Rihanna… Seems '88 was a strong year for the senses” would be the automatic reply to someone who tweets the Krug iD 4 08 001 from their Krug Grande Cuvée.

  • Results

    Before the bot was launched, 800 humorous tweets were tailor-made to adress any Krug Lovers tweeting a  #KrugiD.

    And the replies are not just in the form of text - the responses may also come in a more surprising format. For example a performance by Gregory Porter of his signature album ‘Liquid Spirit’ on stage at Olympia might be the response to a Krug lover tweeting the #KrugiD 108002.

    Krug&Tweet is an ever ongoing project: the number & the quality of answers designed for the bot will keep increasing as long as the number of Krug iDs increases.