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Tails of the sea

Proximity Paris

When 12 world renowned chefs from all over the world met in a tiny village to source and cook their own unique creation in only 12 hours.

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  • Challenge

    Every year, prestige Champagne house Krug brings together dozens of Michelin starred chefs for creative encounters that revolve around a different single ingredient food pairing. But after each gathering, the only outcome has been a book with tiny distribution numbers, which means that very few people get to see the inspiring possibilities that such connections have to offer.

  • Solution

    We created an authentic experience that allowed us to craft a wealth of emotional content and tell a story to a much wider audience. Since the focus for 2018 is fish, we challenged the chefs to head out to sea and gave them just 12 hours to source and cook their own dish to pair with Krug. The events of the day became what was to be told as Krug’s Tails of the Sea.

  • Results

    On the day, the chefs found the experience so thrilling that they felt compelled to share the whole thing in real time, helping us reach fans in every corner of the globe before the official release. One month after the full campaign launch, engagement is already up 260% and so far, 522k Krug Lovers all around the world have discovered a tale that is far from fully told.