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Ubisoft Starlink “The wish”

Starlink : Battle for Atlas

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  • Challenge

    Starlink Battle for Atlas - the new Ubisoft game - is an open-world space adventure, in which gamers can play in a unique way: each battleship can be controlled via a realistic « modular toy reproduction ».

    With this new game mode bridging virtual & real world, imagination and creativity have the driving seat as gamers are able to switch weapons, battleships or pilots right from the controller, impacting in real time their game avatar.

    The brief:  make sure this breakthrough innovation enabling a unique gaming experience, will not overshadow the epicness of the game’s space adventure. 

    The challenge: reminding all gamers that nothing is more inspiring than the space immensity. 

  • Solution

    To mark the release of Starlink : Battle for Atlas – the 16th October 2018, the agency takes us on a cinematic journey, directed by Dan diFelice, who draws his inspiration from science fiction films where storytelling is king. In the film, reality merges with imagination and players have their own interpretation of the story, calling on the film’s promise: “Give your imagination some space”.

    This is a game where imagination has pride of place, to be able to adapt to any situation thanks to a new way of approaching video games: modular toys. Combining virtual and actual realities, players are able to change their weapons, ships and pilots on their controller, to impact their avatar in real time. This open-world allows players to explore 7 planets and fight the enemy: the Forgotten Legion.

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